Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Short Writing Exercise

This is a short paragraph intended only to practice the craft of writing, specifically the art of writing an essay...

"To Fry An Egg"

There is something oddly beautiful about an egg, its smooth, speckled shell and oval shape. For centuries, the beauty of this delicate bearer of life has inspired humans to adorn its shell. Millions more pay tribute to the egg by shamelessly destroying its structure with one solid crack to the side of a skillet. While a fried egg may not have delighted Tsar Alexander as did the art of Faberge, cooking rather than painting seems the more logical, the more human, and maybe even the more poetic reaction to the egg. The crack of the egg must be swift, but the touch required to release its innards into the pan without any shell is something only acquired through practice. The pan should be hot enough to melt butter, but not so hot that the butter froths or browns. Add the egg to the pan. As you see the protein firming up but not fully opaque, use your quick wrists and the spatula to the flip the egg. By the time you've spooned on a little more butter, and sprinkled on some salt and black pepper, a perfect "over easy" fried egg is ready to the slide out of the skillet and onto your plate.

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