Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Poem Amidst Art History Notes

Recently, I've been going back through my old undergrad notebooks, scanning for poetry or creative ideas I may have jotted down among my notes, when my mind grew weary of professorial lectures on Muslim-Jewish relations in Spain during the 15th century. As I find things worth publication, I'll add them to my blog.

This particular poem seems to have been inspired by a spell of boredom the came over me as I strained to take notes on the Yang Shao Culture in my Chinese Art History class. Enjoy...

"Ringo Fan"

Oh Taxman,
how innocent you are
through the speakers
of my brand new 2009 Mercedes SLK.
But really:
Run for your life if you can little taxman.
I've already hid my Capital Gains in the sand.
(In the sands of Gayhead Island).
Who needs charities?
When its cheaper to exploit loopholes.
I may look sensitive in my pink Vineyard Vines v-necks,
but your problems have no place in my Rubber Soul.

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